Selling, Staging, Storing, all you need to know

Storing while you sell your home can not only relieve stress but also get you a step ahead in the moving process. Staging on a budget is what we are focusing on this month. ChesMont Storage knows the tricks to staying organized when your living situation is in transition. We are here to help answer your storage questions and find the storage units near you.

Pottstown PA storage units

Begin outdoors

  • Rake leaves, pick up sticks and move debris out of the way or remove it all together.
  • Clean patio furniture and store it during the winter months.
  • During the spring keep up on cutting the grass and trees. Trim trees hanging over packing areas and keep them pruned all season long.

Welcome a buyer

  • Tone down dramatic colors with tan or light colored walls and accessories.
  • A buyer wants to see if this property will work for their items and removing pictures and personal belongings will help.
  • Light candles or have air fresheners throughout the house. Save the strong smelling dinners for another time since a showing can happen anytime.
  • Brighten rooms to make them appear larger. A mirror will also enhance the size of a room.

Final Touches

  • Move all your seasonal items to storage, including belongings from closets. This gives the buyer a positive look at the storage your house offers.
  • Add a plant or two to a large room to draw guests in.
  • Coordinate towels and rugs in the bathroom.
  • Regularly clean high traffic areas. In the event a showing happens while you are not there, tidy up daily.

While you look for a place your family can grow and continue to make memories, ChesMont Storage is protecting your belongings with storage units in Pottstown PA. Save your budget by staging your home yourself and packing early with our space.

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